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Oral Hygeine

Smile makeover is important for total beauty, hence, it's not surprising that Teeth Whitening is catching on everywhere and has become one of the fastest growing industries both domestically and internationally.

With our fast, easy-to-use whitening treatments, you get a whiter, brighter, more beautiful smile that lasts.

Remember, teeth whitening is not a substitute for proper care of your teeth and should not be attempted unless you have healthy teeth and gums. You should always consult a Dental Professional prior to have your teeth whitened.

Feeling good about yourself is the best reason to smile we can think of - and smiling gets even better when you've got a Da Vinci Teeth Whitening® smile to show off. But feeling good takes more than whiter teeth. It comes from feeling fit and healthy, confident and beautiful. Here are a few tips on keeping your teeth healthy:

Tips for Brushing
  • Brush for at least 2 minutes each time to thoroughly clean all tooth surfaces.
  • Brush your tongue using a back-to-front sweeping method to remove food particles and freshen your mouth.
  • Remember to gently brush the roof of your mouth.
Choosing a Toothpaste
Your toothpaste's taste can make brushing a more enjoyable experience, leading to more thorough brushing, better dental hygiene and reduced risk for gum disease. It is also important to choose a toothpaste that meets your dental hygiene needs. For example, to help strengthen weak spots and help prevent cavities, select a toothpaste with fluoride.
The Right Toothbrush
There are so many to choose from! Children need to use a child-size toothbrush specific to the size and shape of their mouths and hands. Soft bristles with rounded ends provide gentle cleaning of teeth and delicate gum tissue.




Replacing Your Toothbrush
Most dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months.
Nutrition and Dental Hygiene
The bottom line is that a good diet equals healthier teeth. Sugary snacks can lead to cavities. Choose nutritious snacks for you and your family, such as vegetables, low-fat yogurt, fruits and low-fat cheeses, which are healthier and better for your teeth.
Smart Prevention Starts with Floss
It's actually pretty simple—flossing is a step that can help prevent the signs and symptoms of gingivitis by removing plaque. Combined with brushing and using a rinse daily, you could keep your smile healthy and beautiful for life.
Try These Tricks for a Younger, Healthier Smile

Flip through the pages of any magazine, and it's filled with toothy smiles—all pearly and perfectly shaped. Turn on the television, and you'll see whitening-product advertisements full of smiling actors with bright, white teeth. We're a smile-happy culture. The good news is that achieving a healthy, confident smile may be closer than you think!

First, understand that it's normal for your teeth to show signs of age. When you consider all the wear and tear teeth take—such as chewing three meals per day, every day—it's no surprise that your pearly whites can start to lose their luster. But with a bit of basic care, and perhaps some professional help, you can recapture that youthful, healthy smile.

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